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Its not all too often I get excited about a new Link Cloaking Buy Lorazepam Without Prescription, tool - I mean, they all pretty much do the same thing right. You put in the link you want to mask, Lorazepam over the counter, Where to buy Lorazepam, decide on the word you want to use as a reference, and go, cheap Lorazepam no rx. Lorazepam pics, Three steps, cut and dry, Lorazepam pictures. Lorazepam photos, When I got my copy of Pretty Links Pro, I really figured it was going to be more of the same, ordering Lorazepam online. Lorazepam for sale, I was very wrong.

Sure the features are the same - but the Ease of Use, Tracking Features, and the Text Replacement feature really take this Link Cloaking WordPress Plugin over the top for me, Buy Lorazepam Without Prescription. With one tool, Lorazepam dangers, Order Lorazepam from mexican pharmacy, I was able to replace three others, and add new links in under 5 seconds, Lorazepam street price. Lorazepam cost,

Pretty Link Pro Features

  • URL Cloaking - No more long, ugly affiliate links!

  • Vanity Link Generation - YOU decide what the affiliate link looks like!

  • URL Shortening - No more long, Lorazepam price, coupon, Lorazepam images, forgettable links. You can create short, doses Lorazepam work, Is Lorazepam addictive, memorable links you and visitors will never forget!

  • Click Tracking - How often have you wondered which links are working. With click tracking, online Lorazepam without a prescription, Where can i order Lorazepam without prescription, you can split test links to see which convert best, in different areas of your pages!

  • Simple Management Interface - All availabel from your dashboard!

  • Quick Link Generation - From your dashboard, no prescription Lorazepam online, Purchase Lorazepam online no prescription, you can create a new link in less than 5 seconds and start using it immediately!

  • Seamless WordPress Integration!

  • Sitewide Keyword & URL Replacement - This was a key for myself. Buy Lorazepam Without Prescription, How many times have you wished you could change every reference of a phrase into a link. Now you can, Lorazepam canada, mexico, india. Lorazepam results, With just 2 clicks, you can designate phrase replacement!

  • Auto Tweets your Posts!

  • .., buy Lorazepam without a prescription. Buy Lorazepam from mexico, Much More!

Pros and Cons of Pretty Links Pro


  • Plugs right into WordPress

  • Fully Integrated with Twitter

  • Free Lifetime Upgrades!

  • Stupid-Simple to Use

  • Seamless WordPress Dashboard Integration!

  • Downloaded and Installed in under 5 minutes!

  • Affordable @ $97 for Unlimited Sites


  • Honestly, I cannot think of one thing that this plugin needs to make it any better!


About the Developer Pretty Link Pro

Blair Williams is not a newcomer when it comes to WordPress, Lorazepam brand name, Lorazepam mg, Site Optimization and finding the right tools to make your life easier. When he developed Pretty Link Pro, Lorazepam online cod, Cheap Lorazepam, he wanted to build an all-in-one solution to the problem of link cloaking and text/url replacement, I think he got it right, Lorazepam reviews. Online buy Lorazepam without a prescription,

Cost of Pretty Links Pro

  • One Time Cost/ Unlimited Websites, $97

  • Cost includes Training Videos and Full Instructions how to use!!

  • Support Forum for Any Issues that may Arise!

  • Install on as MANY Websites as you like with a single license!

  • Free Forum Access for Registered buyers ONLY!

  • Free Lifetime Upgrades at no additional Cost!

Read More and Grab Your Copy Today!

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3 Comments and Reviews on "Buy Lorazepam Without Prescription"

  1. Jon on Tue, 23rd Feb 2010 11:07 am 

    Man – I installed Pretty Link Pro 2 months ago and it has been GREAT for building and tracking affiliate links!

    This thing rocks! BTW – Great review of pretty link pro – you nailed it in on spot!


  2. Overall Rating55555
    Cost & Features55555
    Easy to Customize44444
    Easy to Use44444
    Easy to Get Started44444
  3. Alex on Wed, 3rd Mar 2010 2:15 pm 

    bought it… used it… its OK. I used the pretty link portion before going to the pro edition for the extra features.

    Overall – 8/10

  4. Overall Rating55555
    Cost & Features55555
    Easy to Customize33333
    Easy to Use44444
    Easy to Get Started55555
  5. BJW on Thu, 20th May 2010 2:48 am 

    It’s okay. I’m brand new at WordPress and the plugin was recommended; using Pretty Link Pro. However, I would like to see some improvements:
    1. When I edit a link it counts as a hit.
    2. Creating groups for posts, pages, products, etc. is too much work; the next day their not there. They’ve returned to the original group.
    3. Duplicating links that already exist with new pretty links makes it difficult to track (new/old links cannot be consolidated) and lots of time is involved going through the pages and removing the duplicates.
    4. When you delete a link, go into groups, sort, edit, etc. the system does not return to the same page but back to the first page. Would like for it to return to same page, remain sorted, return to groups, etc. especially if I’m on the 54th link.
    5. Selecting several items to be deleted (Bulk items) doesn’t work.

    Pretty Link Pro was highly recommended and I did my research and found no negative reviews. Thought it would be a great tracking tool and a way to keep all of the posts, pages, and products organized. The concept is great but it’s too much work and very disappointing. Hopefully, improvements are forthcoming.

  6. Overall Rating11111
    Cost & Features22222
    Easy to Customize11111
    Easy to Use22222
    Easy to Get Started22222