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Mazindol For Sale, I was intrigued when I first read about the Originizer WordPress plugin. Cheap Mazindol no rx,  According to the sales page, it makes known duplicate content (like the kind you get from Private Label Rights, Mazindol dose, Real brand Mazindol online, aka PLR, articles) appear to be original, Mazindol natural. Buy cheap Mazindol,  This is fantastic for those who use PLR articles and don't want to take the time to rewrite them.

The first thing I noticed after purchasing this plugin is that the download is a .rar file, Mazindol for sale. Mazindol description,  I'm used to .zip files, so didn't know how to open the file, Mazindol use.  After a quick search on the Internet, I learned that I needed to install a program that opens this type of file, which I did, Mazindol For Sale. Where can i buy Mazindol online, After I opened the file and installed the plugin, I added content to my site that I new was duplicate, Mazindol long term. Mazindol used for,  I checked my site at, and confirmed that the content I added is duplicate, comprar en línea Mazindol, comprar Mazindol baratos. Online Mazindol without a prescription, Next, I activated the Originizer plugin, Mazindol dangers, Low dose Mazindol, and rechecked my site at  Now, Mazindol wiki, Buy Mazindol online cod, copyscape thought my site was full of original content. Mazindol For Sale,  Wonderful.

I wanted to know what other people had to say about this plugin, Mazindol australia, uk, us, usa. Mazindol schedule,  Unfortunately, every search I made brought back the same results, discount Mazindol. Mazindol brand name,  Each site was simply plugging this item to make a buck.  They all said the SAME THING: "Genius Developer Unveils A WordPress Plugin That Drives The Search Engines Crazy And Has Them Coming Back To Your Site Over And Over Again Retrieving 100% Original Content, no prescription Mazindol online. Works With All WordPress Content Generators."

Great, Mazindol For Sale. Mazindol duration,  That's the sales pitch meant for affiliates of Originizer.  It seemed that no one had actually used it to see how well it works, Mazindol no rx. Mazindol pictures,  So, I am using the plugin, purchase Mazindol online no prescription, Mazindol blogs, but I don't know the long term affects of using it.  I have no idea if Google will punish my site for this plugin, buy Mazindol without prescription, Purchase Mazindol for sale, or love the site. Mazindol For Sale,  Only time will tell.  This plugin is so new that I haven't been able to use it long enough to know one way or the other, Mazindol no prescription. Online buy Mazindol without a prescription, As of this writing, I can say that the site I used this plugin on has already been indexed by Google, Mazindol description. Mazindol results,  But I do not yet know if it will rank well for the various keywords on the site as a result of this plugin.  I will continue to add known duplicate content and monitor the results, Mazindol price.  If I find that it ranks well, then I will know that there is no need for me to rewrite PLR content (a very time consuming activity!)

Features of Orginizer WordPress Plugin

The Originizer WordPress plugin takes duplicate content and makes it appear original in the eyes of search engines, Mazindol For Sale. Low dose Mazindol,  I don't know how this works, but it does.

This plugin works with content generated from:

  • PLR articles

  • Caffeinated Content

  • Syndicate Kahuna

  • Any other generated content

  • Any duplicate content in your blogs

Pros and Cons of Orginizer WordPress Plugin

Pros of Orginizer WordPress Plugin

  • Makes duplicate content appear original

  • Allows you to use all those PLR articles collecting dust on your computer!

Cons of Orginizer WordPress Plugin

  • Possible negative consequences from usage not knownspacer

About the Developers

The authors of this plugin are a dedicated group of professional developers on a mission to provide Internet marketers tools that will save time creating original content and buildings blogs that the search engines will love. Using the tools they provide correctly can substantially increase website traffic all the while freeing up precious time to perform other critical marketing tasks.

Cost and Licensing of Orginizer WordPress Plugin

  • One Time Cost: $67

  • Use on as MANY Websites as you like with a single license!

Read More and Purchase Today!


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5 Comments and Reviews on "Mazindol For Sale"

  1. Cookware on Mon, 16th Mar 2009 5:17 pm 

    So how does this plugin work for you? Have you found any negative impact from using it? How does it make your content original?

  2. Overall RatingNot Rated
    Cost & FeaturesNot Rated
    Easy to CustomizeNot Rated
    Easy to UseNot Rated
    Easy to Get StartedNot Rated
  3. Rochelle on Sun, 5th Apr 2009 1:17 pm 

    Cookware – I am on the fence with this plugin. Someone contacted me about this plugin and said that the way it fools search engines about duplicate content is by converting it to javascript. I had been under the impression that search engines couldn’t read javascript, but my site using this plugin was indexed and posts did show up when I searched for phrases found in posts on my site while this plugin was activated.

    Is there a negative impact? I do not know. But I really don’t like the javascript aspect of it. To tell the truth, it bothers me so much that I deactivated this plugin and am no longer using it. That doesn’t mean my site was impacted negatively, as it wasn’t, but I do not want to take a chance that it might.

    So, it is really up to each user to decide if they are comfortable with what this plugin does and how it does it.

    I ope that answers your questions.


  4. Overall RatingNot Rated
    Cost & FeaturesNot Rated
    Easy to CustomizeNot Rated
    Easy to UseNot Rated
    Easy to Get StartedNot Rated
  5. MAS on Mon, 7th Dec 2009 6:44 pm 

    Hi Rochelle,

    I just bought this plugin and installed it and it has done nothing that I can notice. Copyscape shows the same dup content after activating as it did before. I have submitted a ticket with them at but no response yet.

    so far I can not find one single thing this plugin does and for $67 bucks it is the most expensive plugin I have bought.

    Do you have anything new to share about it?


  6. Overall RatingNot Rated
    Cost & FeaturesNot Rated
    Easy to CustomizeNot Rated
    Easy to UseNot Rated
    Easy to Get StartedNot Rated
  7. Mark on Mon, 7th Dec 2009 7:11 pm 

    Mark –

    Just thought I would chime in from my experience with it…

    I actually thought the same exact thing right after I installed it. To the naked eye, all your content DOES in fact look identical, but if you view the code of the page, you will see that it is actually an encoded Javascript, that reads completely different and unrecognizible by humans.

    I went back and forth with the developer a few times myself… thinking the same thing. In the end, it DOES in fact render a different page to search spiders.


  8. Overall RatingNot Rated
    Cost & FeaturesNot Rated
    Easy to CustomizeNot Rated
    Easy to UseNot Rated
    Easy to Get StartedNot Rated
  9. Rochelle on Mon, 7th Dec 2009 9:47 pm 


    Although I do not have proof one way or the other, I decided not to use this plugin. That being said, I didn’t have any problems on the site I did install it on. Hopefully the developer will be able to address any questions or concerns you have.


  10. Overall RatingNot Rated
    Cost & FeaturesNot Rated
    Easy to CustomizeNot Rated
    Easy to UseNot Rated
    Easy to Get StartedNot Rated