Librium For Sale, I don't know about anyone else... but when I hear about something that just works SUPER WELL for someone, Librium canada, mexico, india, Purchase Librium for sale, it completely side tracks me for a full day or two as I evaluate all f my own Internet properties and figure out if each site is really worth the efforts or not. Today.., is Librium addictive. Librium duration, was one of those days.

You see.., japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. last night, I attended the first "Shoebinar", which is a playful ruse on the terms Shoemoney and Webinar, Librium For Sale. Librium reviews, Essentially, it was 2+ hours of helpful tips, Librium from canadian pharmacy, Librium gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, guidance and a narrow look into the workings of mogul, Jeremy Schoemaker, Librium price. Herbal Librium, He posted a vid of the shoebinar on his site this morning, and although I have not listened to it a second time yet, purchase Librium, Buy Librium online no prescription, I will before the end of the week... when my friggin head returns to normal, Librium pictures. Buy Librium without prescription, With many sites always wanting just a little bit of my time each week... Librium For Sale, would I be better off closing or selling many of them, and focusing on only 3-5 or less. If I do decide to jack some out of inventory, Librium images, Librium no rx, I will post them here and over at my other site first... just to see who might be interested in them, low dose Librium. Librium from mexico, What is YOUR master plan.

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3 Comments and Reviews on "Librium For Sale"

  1. Jake on Thu, 12th Mar 2009 8:26 pm 

    My plan? Focus on what I can handle! I’ve wasted entirely too much time on “stale” sites! If I can produce the income I have on “stale” sites, imagine what I can do on CONTENT RICH sites that are on the move!

  3. Mark on Fri, 13th Mar 2009 8:49 am 

    Man – I hear ya Jake! Spending the time just to evaluate all the crap takes forever… eliminating wasted time, or deciding WHAT to do with the other sites is a challenge also!!

    I imagine I will post about that before the next day or two… I am going to sell a bunch of sites, give a few away, or a combination of both!!

    Too many coals in the fire right now!!


  5. Emiel on Mon, 23rd Mar 2009 6:49 am 

    I agree Mark, yet it was for me inevitable to start out small. I guess you need to start out with many sites and than keep the potentially good sites and focus on them. I also started to drop many sites and keep the winners and build from there on. When you starting out you need to test many things and niches I guess. Plus if you have build sites already, there is always some selling value in it.

    Starting with an income goal per site is a nice way to evaluate winners and losers.

    BTW this is a cool site, very nice 🙂